Intro to Pilates Education

The pilates system of movement is world-renowned and ever-growing in popularity. Becoming a pilates instructor opens the door to a wonderfully rewarding career, empowering you to make a major difference in peoples lives. A multitude of opportunities will open for work all around the world.

Instructor Training Programs

Corpus Pilates Instructor training programs are highly respected in the Pilates community and offer a robust route to becoming a high-quality movement professional. All our courses teach how to instruct the traditional Pilates exercise repertoire but also incorporate more contemporary work to enable you to meet the needs and tastes of your target market.

Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology (FAK) course at Corpus Studios

Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology (FAK)

As an essential foundation for our programs, we require students to be well-prepared in advance. Before beginning the training, we require students to have some Pilates experience.
Successful anatomy exam are prerequisites for the completion of the education programs. Experience and diplomas from other Pilates Instruction schools will be considered upon request.

Please note: Can be done in parallel with Mat Level 1 or Comprehensive Studio Level 1

Dispensation if proof of existing approved Anatomy qualification e.g.
Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Doctor (University level Medical Anatomy program)

I have been doing a silent drill every day (and some fundamentals/beginnings/endings) and I am already noticing a difference, mentally and physically ie. I feel better. I am so glad that I decided to do the training so thank you for making that happen!

Choose from 3 Program Pathways

Comprehensive Studio Instructor Training Program (Mat & Apparatus)

Comprehensive Studio Instructor Training Program (Mat & Apparatus)

This is the way Joseph Pilates intended his exercise program to be delivered – combining mat work with the apparatus to develop a strong, flexible, balanced, healthy body.

Mat Instructor Training Program at Corpus Studios

Mat Instructor Training Program

The mat repertoire includes exercises suitable for almost everyone at any age, and the market for your services as a Pilates Mat Instructor is vast.

Kelly McKinnon apparatus instructor

Apparatus Instructor Training Program

The Pilates Apparatus Instructor program is intended for existing Pilates mat instructors wishing to extend their skills to teach on the large studio apparatus.

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Why Corpus Pilates?

Corpus Pilates training provides high-quality education on how to teach Pilates, but much more than that, it offers mentorship, career guidance, and continuing education opportunities. With Corpus Pilates, you are not alone! We help and support you as you develop your coaching skills and progress in your career as a professional instructor.

Not only that, but Corpus Pilates is an EHFA accredited training provider, and our Anatomy and Mat level 1 course is recognized by EuropeActive. Upon successful course completion, you are entitled to become registered with the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) – opening more opportunities for work throughout Europe!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Training as a Pilates instructor at Corpus Studios™ unlocks a rewarding career path. Our comprehensive programs equip you with skills sought after globally, fostering employment prospects in wellness centers, fitness studios, or the opportunity to establish your studio.
Corpus Studios™ provides diverse training programs to mold proficient instructors. Our courses range from Mat Instructor Training to Comprehensive Studio Instructor Training, blending traditional Pilates exercises with contemporary approaches.
Prior Pilates experience is beneficial but not mandatory. A foundational understanding of anatomy is essential, which we facilitate through our Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology (FAK) course, ensuring students are well-prepared before commencing training.
Corpus Studios™ offers varied certification pathways tailored to individual preferences. You can choose between Mat Instructor Training or Comprehensive Studio Instructor Training, each designed to cater to diverse skill levels and ambitions.
The Comprehensive Studio Instructor Training Program provides the use of studio apparatus. The Mat Instructor Training Program focuses solely on the mat repertoire.
Understanding anatomy and physiology is fundamental to successful Pilates training at Corpus Studios™. This enriches teaching abilities, providing a safer and more comprehensive approach to teaching clients.
Our Mat Instructor Training Program equips you with fundamental skills to lead group sessions effectively. It instills proficiency in mat exercises suitable for various age groups, expanding your potential employment avenues.
This program offers experienced instructors an opportunity to advance their skills. It dives deeper into apparatus-based training, refining your expertise to cater to a broader clientele and enhance your career prospects.