Private Training at Corpus Studios

Personal Coaching / Private Training

Corpus studios are all about mindful movement with precision and conscious awareness of one ability and objectives. The well-trained coaches work with you to develop personalized programs tailored to your needs. We keep a running profile of your progressions and achievements catering to your changing developments. At the outset, determining goals aligned to your desires is decided upon, and as a team, we work to advance you both in the short and medium terms.

Coaches are available for: Pilates, The Gyrotonic® method, Corealign™, Bodhi®, Yoga, and Somatic movement and may include functional fitness. For personal coaching, there are cardio bikes and a Versa Climber at your disposal.

Personal Coaching / Private Training is designed for the needs and objectives of an individual. A personal trainer will ensure clients are performing exercises correctly and efficiently to maximize results. Rehabilitate from a movement phobia of an old injury, improve your sport, or start from scratch. Learn to move with stability and mobility both in dynamic posture and day-to-day living. A coach is for you to ask questions, develop goals, progress, and build a confident approach to health.

Card required: Private card /Master Private card
Location: Borrens(B) & Caroly(C)
Duration: 55 min

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