Minimum participants for a class to take place:
4 participants for a collective mat class
3 participants for an apparatus class

A refund will be issued if you booked a class that is canceled.

Please read class confirmation emails carefully; they contain important information about the time and location of the class and cancellation conditions.

For each class, the location of the studio is denoted in the class name with a prefix:
(B) for Borrens studio
(C) for Caroly studio.

A proficiency level is indicated for each class:
L1 = no experience needed, (also for pregnancy, back, hip, shoulder issues…)
L2 = min 20 classes at L1
L3 = min 1 – 2 years experience, (healthy, injury-free clients)
L4 = Advanced, > 2 years experience (healthy, injury-free clients, able to work at demanding level)

When a ‘+’ sign appears after the level (e.g. L2+), participants must meet the minimum designated level of experience, but if all participants are of a higher level of proficiency, the teacher will adapt the class to a higher level.

Studio Borrens

Studio Caroly

Two Locations in Brussels

Choose your studio: Studio Borrens (Rue Borrens 33) or Studio Caroly (Rue Caroly 33)

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