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Frequently Asked Questions

To sign up for upcoming instructor training programs and workshops at Corpus Studios™, you can visit our website’s dedicated registration page or contact our administration team directly. Details regarding available programs, schedules, and registration procedures are easily accessible on our website.
The duration to enroll in instructor training programs varies based on the chosen course. Typically, for registration, applicants might need to provide identification details, proof of prior Pilates experience (if applicable), and complete the requisite registration form available on our website.
Prior Pilates experience or completion of foundational courses might be required for advanced programs. However, detailed eligibility criteria are outlined in each course description on our website.
Curriculum Coverage in Training Programs and Workshops: Our training programs and master classes cover an array of topics, including but not limited to Pilates techniques, anatomy, teaching methodologies focusing on specific aspects of movement coaching.
Details about available offers and package deals can be found on our website or by contacting our team.
Information regarding our training program specifics, schedules, and events is readily available on our website. Prospective participants can access detailed course descriptions, session timings, and other relevant details before registration.
When registering for our instructor-led training programs and workshops, Corpus Studios™ accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers.