Apparatus (equipment) classes: 4-6 people on large pieces of apparatus from Pilates and the Gyrotonic® Method.


Apparatus (equipment) classes: 4-6 people on large pieces of apparatus from Pilates and the Gyrotonic® Method. All the apparatus involves resistance, and classes are small enough to permit the teacher to offer clear feedback and instruction.

The large apparatus offers even more opportunities to intensify and vary your workouts.
The Reformer, Chair, and Tower can be used in a variety of positions and all use adjustable spring tension that can:
– assist
– provide resistance
– increase or decrease stability
– challenge gravity
– challenge proprioception (non-visual sense of the body’s position in space)

On the apparatus, the hands and/or feet are in contact with a surface – providing more kinesthetic feedback to inform the body of its position in space. This also activates multiple muscle groups and joints at the same time. Exercises involve pushing and pulling against the resistance of the springs – efficiently building strong muscles and bones.
The apparatus is suitable for most populations – and especially for injury rehabilitation and sports enhancement.

The support from the springs and versatility of the apparatus allows for exercises that change the center of gravity and/or increase range of motion – unfeasible positions become achievable, greater length/stretch is possible – an empowering experience and great fun!

The apparatus often appeals to men because of the strong resistance work and is also wonderful for women, sportspeople, people with osteoporosis, or those recovering from injury, and anyone who wants fast results.

  • The Reformer is a large piece of apparatus, incorporating a moving platform, adjustable spring tension, and pulleys. Exercises can be done lying down, seated, side-lying, kneeling and standing. The Reformer challenges the body in different positions by shifting the center of gravity, the adjustable springs and the moving carriage offer endless ways to challenge stability, improve flexibility and develop better balance, control, and coordination.
  • The spring-loaded Pilates Chair with a single or split pedal can be used in a wide variety of positions, including standing and seated. This makes it accessible to a wide population. It offers adjustable resistance, allowing a strong and deep workout with a unique, floating feeling as you work against the spring resistance. It targets weak or overworked muscle groups, improving balance, and adds a strength and stability challenge to any workout.
  • The Tower provides an elevated, stable surface on which to work – making it accessible and secure for injury recovery, pregnancy, the aging population, and beginners. Advanced students can work exercises that challenge gravity since the Tower incorporates multiple pieces of spring-loaded equipment offering support for a wide variety of exercises to challenge, strengthen and stretch the body. Exercises on the Tower can improve technique, address strength and flexibility challenges, correct muscle imbalances and improve overall endurance.

Card required: Group Apparatus card/System card
Location: Borrens(B)
Duration: 55 min

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