Holistic methods of exercise where mind and physical body are closely intertwined. The body, emotions and mind are one unit, and the stimulation or healing of one of them may have an effect on another.

How to start?

Before starting your courses in GYROTONIC® AND GYROKINESIS® methods, It is required that you do 10 classes with a qualified teacher before registering to your pre-training.

GYROTONIC® exercises are related to GYROKINESIS® exercises in that they both contain many of these same movement principals, such as fluid, sequential movement coordinated with conscious breathing. However, GYROTONIC® exercises are performed on equipment and GYROKINESIS® exercises are not.

Step 1

Pre-training course

Prerequisites : Minimum of 10 classes before course

Step 2

Foundation course

Prerequisites: Completion of Pre-training

Step 3

Supervised hours

Prerequisites: Completion of Foundation Course

Step 4

Final Certification Course

Prerequisites: Completion of Supervised hours

What next?

Level 2

Join Level 2 pre-training or continue your education with other courses. See schedule for available courses and more information.
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