Corpus Pilates Instructor Training

Corpus studios teachers training was an amazing experience for me. This is an extensive and very serious training embracing all aspects needed to become a real Pilates trainer (anatomy, exercises, special cases, PMP). It is not only about learning exercises, it is rather to understand the human body, how it moves, how you can help people to feel better and this makes a real difference. It is more than worth it for all the knowledge and good vibes you get there.

Pilates classes

If you are willing to have a quality Pilates in a friendly environment, this is the place to be. I have been a huge fan of this studio for 10 years and never had a better quality of class elsewhere. My needs are listened, my errors are corrected, I am never bored and there are a big diversity of activities to do. Try Corpus studios and, I guarantee, you will never want to change to another place.

Catherine Fourneaux (French)

Séverine Draux (French)

Camille Némoz – (Dutch)

Anabelle Leplat (French)

Jelena Wagner (French)

Pauliina Kavonius (Finnish)

Melissa Palomo Lopez (Dutch)

Tania Tsiora (English)