Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology (FAK)

Knowledge of the human body is essential to prepare to teach Pilates. That’s why we require all students to take our FAK Anatomy course and exam, specially designed to provide the anatomical and physiological knowledge needed for safe instruction of functional and mindful movement.
The course is designed specifically for a movement coach and makes use of direct examples in coaching and mindset to aid both the client and the teacher.

Those already in possession of a university-level anatomy training certificate (physiotherapy, osteopathy, university anatomy course, EuropeActive certification, etc.) may opt out of the course, but for quality assurance, must pass the exam.

Before being granted any Corpus Pilates Instructor diploma, students must also achieve a successful result in the Corpus Anatomy & Physiology exam. The course can be taken prior to, in parallel, or after any of our Pilates programs.


A series of live lectures attended In-person or online

If followed online:

  • 100% attendance is required for all sessions
  • You must be clearly visible to the Trainer throughout

The course is designed specifically for a movement coach and makes use of direct examples in coaching and mindset to aid both the client and the teacher.

  • Introduction to Cells & Tissues
  • Skeletal system
  • Muscles & Fascia
  • Articulatory System
  • Nervous System
  • Analysis of Dynamic & Static Posture
  • Respiratory System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Kinesiology
At the end of this course, you will be able to:

Tuition & evaluation hours: 29.5 hours

  • 6 in-person/online theory sessions (26 hrs)
  • 1 written theory exam & online review session (3.5 hrs)

The course is delivered over a period of 3 to 4 months

Self-study: 40 hours (studying anatomy manual)

You will receive a Corpus Pilates Statement of Completion for Anatomy
Subject to:

  • 100% course attendance
  • Completion of all required study hours
  • Successful written exam

Course price (includes course manual)

Total price: €525
Non-refundable deposit to register:
Course balance: (payable by bank transfer, 2 weeks before course starts): €225

Upcoming Course Dates

Anatomy live & Virtual Online

Thursday, 16th November 2023,

Thursdayday 17h - 21:30

Tuesday, TBC

Tuesday, 17h - 21:30

Thursday, TBC

Thursday, 17h - 21:30

Thursday TBC

Thursday 17:00-21:30

Thursday, TBC

Thursday,17h - 21:30

Anatomy Exam Virtual Online


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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology (FAK) course at Corpus Studios™ is €525 in total. To secure your spot, a non-refundable deposit of €300 is required upon registration. The remaining balance of €225 is payable via bank transfer, due two weeks before the course commences. This fee covers the comprehensive course manual essential for your learning journey.
The Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology course is designed for optimal understanding within a set time frame. We understand the needs of working people and offer a flexible schedule for upcoming courses. The course at Corpus Studios™ spans approximately 29.5 hours, structured into a comprehensive curriculum. It includes 6 theory sessions, totaling 26 hours, offered both in-person and online.
To become a certified Pilates instructor at Corpus Studios™, successful completion of the Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology course is mandatory. Additionally, passing our Anatomy & Physiology exam is required for certification.
Knowledge in anatomy and kinesiology is paramount in teaching Pilates at Corpus Studios™. It forms the foundation for understanding movement mechanics, enabling instructors to provide safe, effective guidance to clients.
Yes, we offer consultations prior to starting the Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology course. This provides insight into how the course aligns with your aspirations and elucidates its direct application in your future Pilates career.
Beyond the Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology course, Corpus Studios™ provides supplementary resources. These include reference materials, workshops, and online platforms, enriching your understanding and immersion in anatomy and kinesiology.