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Membership allows purchase of multiple class cards

You can claim your membership back from your medical insurance.
Request their document and we will fill it in

Yearly membership50€

PROFESSIONAL DANCERS, STUDENTS (<27) & SENIORS (>65) with ID 5% discount on everything (excluding monthly cards), automatically discounted on check-out with approved membership type (with ID)

Eligibility verification required in reception before purchase.

Trial class Mat 10€

Trial class apparatus 20€

Due to high transactions costs we have included a 2€ processing fee for all credit card payments.

Single class

Drop in for a single class

No membership required

Online collective class20€
Collective mat ‘drop-in’ at studio25€
Apparatus class (Reformer / Tower / Gyrotonic)35€
Private class75€
Private Master class85€
1 VIRTUAL online Private Master Class - Solo (1 person)85€
Private DUO (price P/P)50€
1 VIRTUAL online Private Master Class Duo (2 people)57,50€
65 minutes massage85€
90 minute massage115€


NB! Membership (50€ a year required)
1 Apparatus Selfie (Pilates / GYROTONIC®) by appointement25€
1 Cardio Selfie: 45 mins Spinning and/or Versa Climber15€

Selfies with appointment only.

Contact us or call us now +32 (0)2 513 07 66

Multiple class cards

Buy 5 cards to save money on your visits. Cards valid for  3 months.

Membership (50€) a year required (suspended until September )

System Card ( valid for 10 collective or group apparatus classes )230€
5 x Online Collective classes85€
5 x Collective Mat classes (Mat-Chair-Bodhi-Corealign)95€
5 Privates Master classes395€
5 Group apparatus classes (Reformer / Tower / Gyrotonic)140€
5 Private classes350€
5 Private classes DUO (Price P/P)225€
5 Massage Card375€
10 x Collective Mat classes (Mat-Chair-Bodhi-Corealign)170€
10 x Group Apparatus classes (Reformer / Tower / Gyrotonic) Due to crisis not available until 09/09/2021300€
10 x Private Classes - Due to crisis not available until 09/09/2021675€


All packages include membership. For Duo packages you need to find your own training partner and make two profile independently – both people need to sign up for the private classes and cancel out both when necessary.
Initiation Package


2x Private class

1x Collective class

1x Apparatus class

1 Month Vimeo on demand

Initation package DUO
127,5 € P/P
255 €

Account purchase required for both participants


2x Private class

1x Collective class

1x Apparatus class

2x 1 Month Vimeo on demand

All prices include VAT

2 € credit card fee  for all online purchases