Pilates Equipment at Corpus Studios


Discover the comprehensive benefits of Pilates at Corpus Studios™ in Brussels, where we offer classes that enhance both stabilization and mobility. Pilates is renowned for its specific vocabulary focusing on centerline, powerhouse, and wrapping techniques, helping you learn to breathe and move in harmony for improved overall well-being.

At Corpus Studios™ in Brussels, our fully equipped studio features a wide range of Pilates apparatus, including 14 Reformers of various styles, 26 chairs of different types, 26 Baby arches, 4 Ladder barrels, 4 Ped-a-poles, 8 Towers, 2 Cadillacs, and a variety of smaller accessories. This extensive array ensures that each class is tailored to meet your individual fitness goals, whether you’re focusing on strength building, flexibility enhancement, or rehabilitation.

Our experienced trainers team guide you through Pilates exercises that target core strength, flexibility, and posture improvement, promoting a balanced and aligned body. Join our Pilates classes at Corpus Studios™ in Brussels to experience the transformative power of this holistic exercise method.

Where: Borrens & Caroly

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