Mat Instructor Training Program Level 2: Intermediate & Advanced

The Pilates Mat Instructor program is an excellent choice if you do not have access to apparatus but still want a good education in Pilates. The mat repertoire includes exercises suitable for almost everyone at any age, and the market for your services as a Pilates Mat Instructor is vast. Pilates Mat work can be taught to individuals, to small groups, in-person and online – all you need is a mat and floor space.

Min 20 Pilates Mat classes (taken at Corpus Studios or another reputable studio)
Min 10 Apparatus classes

The course is designed to learn to teach the exercises, not just about how to do the exercises.
The prerequisite classes are essential, to ensure:

  • a minimum level of experience in the Pilates repertoire before learning to teach it.
  • an awareness of the basic Pilates vocabulary that will be used during the course (e.g. Powerhouse, Centerline, Large box, etc.)
  • an understanding of how to move in space with Pilates
  • an awareness of how to safely get on and off apparatus and how to work with springs and pulleys
  • your safety during the course

In-person practical sessions and online theory sessions (or entirely online if location prevents in-person participation)

If followed online:

  • 100% attendance is required for all sessions
  • You must be clearly visible to the Trainer throughout
  • You must acquire in advance the appropriate exercise accessories to use during the sessions (Mat, Power Circle, Hand weights, Leg weights, Elastics (short and long), Stick, large and small balls, foam roller)

The course covers in detail the Pilates mat and apparatus exercises appropriate to each level, and all the steps and protocols to safely instruct Pilates and become a
successful coach.

This course incorporates four full syllabuses.

1. Foundational Mat Pilates – the gateway to the Corpus Pilates world:
– Pilates history, principles, vocabulary, and key concepts
– Skills for safe movement
– A composition of pre-Pilates exercises and traditional Pilates exercises on the mat
– Teaching skills
– A clear method for class design & programming
– Differences and similarities between teaching a collective group class and/or a private coaching

2. Beginner Mat Pilates:
– Traditional Pilates mat repertoire at beginner level
– Breathing techniques
– Basic postural assessment techniques
– Exercise modifications for special needs
– Exercise variations to develop awareness or challenge (use of traditional accessories: Power Circle, hand weights, leg weights, and contemporary accessories: balls, rollers, elastics)
– A step-by-step method for client programming & coaching

3. Foundational Pilates on Studio Apparatus
– Skills for safe movement on all apparatus
– A composition of pre-Pilates exercises and traditional Pilates exercises on the apparatus
– Teaching skills for all apparatus
– A clear method for class design & programming for one-on-one sessions or group classes

4. Beginner Pilates on Studio Apparatus:
– Traditional Pilates apparatus repertoire on the Reformer at beginner level
– Pilates exercises suitable for beginners on all other apparatus (Cadillac/Tower, Chairs, Ladder barrel, small barrels, Ped-o-Pole, and smaller corrective equipment and accessories)
– Skills to choose the right exercises and apparatus according to each individual’s needs.
– Ability and confidence to instruct all populations, including healthy, athletic people, as well as seniors, injured or post-rehab clients

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Master a complete set of Pre-Pilates foundational exercises and beginner level exercises on the mat and on studio apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Chairs, Ladder barrel, small barrels, etc), suitable for most populations
  • Master xx exercises from the 34 traditional Pilates Mat & Studio apparatus repertoires
  • Conduct a basic static and dynamic postural assessment
  • Design well-balanced workouts incorporating studio apparatus for groups or individuals
  • Create and maintain a safe environment and ensure client safety when working with apparatus
  • Instruct using a clear verbal cueing formula
  • Guide clients using hands-on touch techniques
  • Modify or vary exercises to suit individual needs
  • Use a structured approach to develop personal coaching programs based on objectives, goals, and progressions

Tuition & evaluation hours: 120 hours

  • 4 online theory sessions (16.5 hrs)
  • 4 days of practical training sessions (84 hrs)
  • 1 written theory exam & online review session (4.5 hrs)
  • 1 take-home research exam & online review session (2 hrs)
  • 2-day practical exam (17.5 hrs)

The course is delivered over a period of 5-6 months

  • Self-study: 40 hours (studying anatomy manual)
  • Self-practice: 50 hours
  • Teaching practice: 50 hours
  • Observation: 25 hours
  • Private coaching with a Senior Instructor at Corpus Studios: 2 hours (additional cost)

You will receive a Corpus Pilates Statement of Completion, approved by EuropActive Europe’s Professional Standards Committee. Associated with EuropeActive is European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREP’s) and you will be eligible for registration with EREP’s – optional, at additional cost Subject to:

  • 100% course attendance
  • Completion of all required study hours
  • Successful written and practical exams
  • Proof of complete Delegate Portfolio (containing training agendas, draft lesson plans, course notes, self-evaluation forms, teaching feedback forms, records of study hours, etc.)
  • Successful completion of the Corpus Pilates Anatomy course and exam (or equivalent approved qualification for Physiotherapists, doctors, etc.)
Total price: €3350 Non-refundable deposit to register: €300 Course balance: (payable by bank transfer, 2 weeks before course starts): €3050
€375 (payable on exam day)

Course dates to be scheduled...

Anatomy live & Virtual Online

9 June 2022

Thursday 17:00-21:30

12 July 2022

Thursday 17:00-21:30

8 & 9 September 2022

Thursday & Friday 17:00-21:30

27 & 28 October 2022

Thursday & Friday 17:00-21:30

Anatomy Exam Virtual Online

24th November 2022

Thursday 17:30-21:00

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