Gyrokinesis® is based on circular and undulating motion.


Explore the transformative benefits of GYROKINESIS® at Corpus Studios™ in Brussels. GYROKINESIS® is rooted in circular and undulating motions, utilizing a stool and the floor for fluid exercises that synchronize with conscious breathing. This method is designed to open joints, create space within the body, and enhance coordination through seamless transitions between movements.

Derived from the Gyrotonic® method but without apparatus, GYROKINESIS® focuses on undulating and spiraling movements on a stool and mat. It is particularly effective for opening and mobilizing the upper body, promoting flexibility, and integrating breath and music into its rhythmic flow.

Join our GYROKINESIS® classes at Corpus Studios™ to experience a dynamic and enjoyable workout that nurtures both body and mind. Our experienced instructors guide you through sessions that cater to all fitness levels, helping you achieve greater flexibility, improved posture, and enhanced overall well-being. Book your class today and discover the joy of movement with GYROKINESIS®!

Card required: Collective Card/System card
Location: Borrens(B)
Duration: 55 min

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