Corealign™ is a large apparatus with a moving platform and accompanying ladder.


CoreAlign™ has two sliding carriages in a floor unit with a ladder at one end to hold with the hands or to attach straps. The exercises are designed to reproduce everyday movements to create harmony between controlled stability and dynamic mobility, challenge balance, coordination and improve posture, resulting in a strong, healthy, and vibrant body. Great for sports enhancement and rehabilitative for hips and ankles. Strengthens your core like nothing else.

Corealign™ is a large apparatus with a moving platform and accompanying ladder. Very useful for a strong core and lower body rehabilitation for walking, running, and sport. A very functional piece of equipment for the price of a mat course. Borrens has 8, and Caroly has 1.

Card required: Collective Card/System card
Location: Borrens(B)
Class Duration: 55 min

Frequently Asked Questions

CoreAlign™ integrates sliding carriages and a ladder to replicate daily movements, focusing on stability and mobility through functional exercises.
Utilizing CoreAlign™ improves posture, coordination, and balance by engaging core muscles for a stronger and more aligned physique.
CoreAlign™ aids in athletic performance and joint rehabilitation, particularly for hips and ankles, by promoting functional strength.
With a moving platform and ladder, CoreAlign™ stands out for its functionality in core and lower body rehabilitation, differing from other devices.
Training on CoreAlign™ enhances skills like walking, running, and sports by refining balance and functional movement patterns.
CoreAlign™ apparatus benefits core maintenance and lower body recovery by facilitating dynamic stability and functional mobility.
Borrens has 8, Caroly has 1 CoreAlign™ apparatus, influencing session quality and allowing for a personalized approach.
CoreAlign™ sessions bolster core strength and overall health by targeting stability, improving posture, and fostering a balanced physique.
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