Pilates apprentice teacher at Corpus Studios

Talia Laffon

Pilates apprentice teacher
Born in Paris, France, Talia has been an avid mover since childhood. She practised ballet for eight years during childhood and then moved into more cardio-focused training in her twenties, practising long-distance running and boxing.
The movement supports the body and mind in mysterious ways, and it was during pregnancy, Talia discovered the beauty of low-impact movement through Pilates.
She realized how small controlled movement allows a deep mind-body connection resulting in increased strength and overall well-being. In 2022, she joined Kelly McKinnon’s Teacher Training program at Corpus Studios™ to become a fully certified comprehensive Corpus Pilates teacher while finishing a Health Coach training program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Talia has a holistic approach to health and aims to help clients gain body awareness and reach functional health by strengthening both body and mind in a playful yet challenging way!
Her passion for teaching comes across in every class, which can be offered in English, French or Italian.