Pilates Teacher and Physiotherapist at Corpus Studios

Yvonne Zanker

Pilates Teacher and Physiotherapist
Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Yvonne has been surrounded by sports and dance from a young age. She became the youngest teacher at her dance school in Brussels and taught Salsa and fitness during her University years in the UK, where she studied engineering. Over the years, her interest reoriented itself towards the movement and biomedical sectors. After four years of study, she’s know a physiotherapist.
Yvonne took her first Pilates class in 2011 and immediately fell in love with the method. She has been working at Corpus Studios since 2018, seeking to become a fully certified comprehensive Corpus Pilates teacher and a Master Corpus Pilates Teacher Trainer. The combination between her physiotherapy and pilates skills lead to a comprehensive understanding and working of the body. Her passion for teaching comes across in every class, which can be offered in English, French or German.