Valeria d'Amoja Pilates teacher

Valeria d’Amoja

Pilates Teacher
Valeria is from Bari, Italy. She moved to Brussels to finalize her studies in European Law and joined the European Institutions. She practiced dance jazz, hip-hop and during her childhood and tried a variety of fitness activities during the past years. Due to some back injuries and after her first pregnancy she started Pilates at Corpus Studio . After 15 years of practice and following some workshops on balance of work and well being , she decided to join Kelly’s McKinnon’s Teacher Training program at Corpus Studio tm. Valeria is a source of inspirations for her friends and motivates people and colleagues to do sport activities as an “investment for their future”. She strongly believes that Pilates can help anybody as single activity to feel better and happier and also to increase performance in other sports such as Golf, Tennis and running.
Come and join her classes in English, French or Italian.