Massage therapist at Corpus Studios

Peter Kvintovics

Massage therapist
Born in Veszprém, Hungary, Peter’s studies led him abroad to Luxembourg and England. After a short return to Hungary, he decided to permanently settle in Belgium in 2015. In 2013, given family incentive and encouragement, he decided to turn an amateur hobby since 2007 into a professional job and applied to complete a training course for Massage Therapists by the company Alfa-Kapos in Budapest with placement in the Veszprém Hospital.
Working as a certified Masseur since June, 2016 at the Respirit Pilates studio in Luxembourg, his goal is to spread the benefits of a professional massage and help his patients recharge from the stresses of their lives. After meeting Kelly McKinnon in Luxembourg he became interested in working for her in Brussels. He’s fluent English and German along with his native Hungarian, with a decent knowledge of French.