Pilates apprentice teacher at Corpus Studios

Maud Dobbelaere

Pilates apprentice teacher
Maud, a Belgian native, chose Brussels as a home base for 30 years while travelling the world as a flight attendant. Born into a family where staying fit and healthy through movement is a way of life, Maud used much of her free time to exercise as a mechanism against jet lag, weight gain and fatigue.
Maud has always valued making a difference in people’s lives and wants to create an even more significant impact on them by assisting them in improving their quality of life through movement. Twenty-five years ago, she discovered Pilates with her mother at Corpus Studios with instructor Kelly McKinnon. Now at 50, she is thinking of swapping paths from her fondness for flying to her other love Pilates.
Since 2020 she has been in the Instructor Training Program at Corpus Studios, first completing all levels of the Pilates Mat Program and now working on completing her Pilates Comprehensive Program incorporating all the equipment.
Her life’s motto is: ‘movement is the best medicine, as she descends from a line of women who are living proof.