Pilates Teacher and GYROKINESISⓇ teacher at Corpus Studios

Isabelle Germonpre

Pilates Teacher and GYROKINESISⓇ teacher
Isabelle is perfect tri-language, she can teach in French, Dutch and English. As a teacher, she likes to listen to peoples requests, but can definitely work to the physical needs of the person depending on what he/she is doing in her life and their physical issues are. For healthy people without any physical issues, she can give you an absolutely hard workout, nevertheless, she can also give you a beginners class with a detailed explanation of the basics.
Before becoming a Pilates teacher, Isabelle studied ballet at the Royal Ballet School in Antwerp. She performed professionally at the Royal Ballet of Flanders for 6 years, where she was a soloist for 4 years. Following this experience, Isabelle moved to France and worked at the Ballet Du Rhin. After 3 years, she returned to Brussels and worked with many different contemporary choreographers.
Since 2003, Isabelle has been teaching dance. After experiencing pain in her body from years of dancing, in 2010 she started her Pilates Teacher Training at Corpus Studios™ with Kelly and hasn’t looked back since. Isabelle has completed the Full Comprehensive Corpus Pilates® Programme and is teaching Pilates since then. She also studied dance pedagogy at Highschool from 2015 till 2019. She is since then a certified dance pedagogy teacher. Lately, she attended the Gyrokinesis® foundation and level 1 course and teaches this movement method.
She likes to bring people to a level of satisfaction that makes them stronger, straighter, lengthen and more balanced and make them feel better in their daily lives. Her stretch class will give you a sensation of well-being through the stretch exercises integrated with pilates, but also has an accent with the stretch on the fascias.