Apparatus Instructor Training Program Level 2: Intermediate & Advanced

The Pilates Apparatus Instructor program is intended for existing qui souhaitent étendre leurs compétences pour enseigner sur les grands appareils du studio wishing to extend their skills to teach on the large studio apparatus.

Corpus Pilates Apparatus Level 1
Min 10 Apparatus classes at Intermediate level

The course is designed to learn to teach the exercises, not just about how to do the exercises.
That’s why the prerequisite apparatus classes are important, to ensure:

  • a minimum level of experience of the Pilates apparatus repertoire at an intermediate level, before learning to teach it.
  • your safety and the safety of others during the course

In-person practical sessions and online theory sessions (or entirely online if location prevents in-person participation)

Au cas ou suivi en ligne:

  • Une présence à 100% est requise pour toutes les sessions
  • Vous devez être clairement visible par le formateur pendant toute la durée de l'opération.
  • You must have access to the large studio apparatus during all sessions (Reformer, Cadillac or Tower, Chair(s) – High Chair, Low chair/Wunda Chair, Ladder barrel, Small barrels and or Spine Corrector, Ped-o-Pole)

The course covers in detail the Pilates apparatus exercises for each level, and all the steps and protocols to safely instruct Pilates on the apparatus and become a successful coach.

This course incorporates two full syllabuses.

1. Intermediate Pilates on Studio Apparatus
– Skills to safely progress students from beginner to intermediate level on all apparatus
– Exercise modifications to support physical constraints
– Exercise variations to challenge
– Skills to design highly-effective personal coaching programs according to individual needs, building strength, flexibility, and improving function
– Skills to design and deliver apparatus classes in a group setting

2. Advanced Pilates on Studio Apparatus:
– Traditional advanced level Pilates apparatus repertoire on the Reformer and all other apparatus (Cadillac/Tower, Chairs, Ladder barrel, small barrels, Ped-o-Pole and smaller corrective equipment and accessories)
– Fine-tuning knowledge of anatomy and movement
– Critical reasoning skills
– Building confidence to instruct all populations, including healthy, athletic people, as well as seniors, injured or post-rehab clients

À la fin de ce cours, vous serez en mesure de :

  • Master and confidently instruct challenging, complex Intermediate and Advanced exercises on all studio apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Chairs, Ladder barrel, small barrels etc).
  • Design well-balanced workouts incorporating full studio apparatus for groups or individuals at all levels, from beginners, to seniors, to the injured and top athletes

Tuition hours (combine with the Evaluation method)

Tuition hours: xx

  • 4 online theory sessions
  • 4 days of practical training sessions
  • 2 online exam & review sessions
  • 2-day practical exam

Le cours est dispensé sur une période de 3 à 4 mois.

  • Self-study: xx
  • Self-practice: xx
  • Teaching practice: xx
  • Private coaching with a Senior Instructor at Corpus Studios: 2 hours (additional cost)
  • 1 written theory exam
  • 1 take-home research exam (additional self-study)
  • 2-day practical exam
  • Complete student portfolio (compiled throughout the course, containing notes, lesson plans, training agendas, apprentice hours record etc.)

You will receive a Corpus Pilates Apparatus Instructor Diploma entitling you to describe and market yourself as a fully-qualified Corpus Pilates Mat Instructor

Sujet à :

  • 100% de participation aux cours
  • Completion of all required study hours
  • Successful written exams, successful practical exam
  • Proof of complete Delegate Portfolio (containing training agendas, draft lesson plans, course notes, records of study hours etc.)

Course price (includes course manuals and access to training videos)
Total price: €2125
Non-refundable deposit to register: €300
Course balance: (payable by bank transfer, 2 weeks before course starts): €1825

€265 (payable on exam day)

Course dates to be scheduled...

Anatomie en direct et virtuelle en ligne

9 June 2022

Thursday 17:00-21:30

12 July 2022

Thursday 17:00-21:30

8 & 9 September 2022

Thursday & Friday 17:00-21:30

27 & 28 October 2022

Thursday & Friday 17:00-21:30

Anatomy Exam Virtual Online

24th November 2022

Thursday 17:30-21:00


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