Teacher Training Promotional video


Interview avec Michele et Robert Legros

Spoken in French

Introduction to GYROTONIC® by Sophie Belmans teacher at Corpus studios

Spoken in Dutch/ French subtitles

Massage Therapist – Peter Kvintovics

Bodhi Instructor course

Pelvic Stabilization Workshop

15 minutes from the great workshop on pelvic stabilization in Tel Aviv by Kelly McKinnon.

Workshop on how to spot instability in clients and teach them to gain stability.This was given in Israel and is available to book with us. By Kelly McKinnon

Commenting on the the Jumping stretching board course by host Tamar Stein and the participants. Course given by Kelly McKinnon in Tel Aviv Israel.

Kelly’s Studio Presentation

Take a tour into the fully equipped Borrens studio with Kelly McKinnon and discover everything you can do at Corpus studios

Pelvic Stabilization

Short exercises to do at home, at work or anywhere you want to stabilize the pelvis

You can turn on subtitles in English or French in the player !!

20th Anniversary client review .

For our 20 year anniversary, clients review their history with us

The first time I have heard about Kelly and/or Pilates was in an article in an expat magazine. It was in the long gone times of (I guess…) 2004 and  according to the text, Pilates was the new magical exercise that was going to save us of all evils of the modern world and Kelly (smiling in a picture) was its prophet introducing it to Brussels.

I decided to try it, out of curiosity, “just once”,  and namely because her studio (at the time not yet the Corpus Studios) was just around the corner. The rest is history: Kelly has changed the studio location three or four times, at a certainly moment started calling it “Corpus Studios”, it is not around the corner anymore, but after all these years I still show up regularly there, to practise the good exercise with Big Sister Kelly and her disciples.

Je ne suis pas sûr d’être sauvé de quoi que ce soit, mais mon "Corpus" continue à se sentir bien, pendant et après, et c’est le critère principal pour moi quand il s’agit de juger de mon temps de condition physique. Vive le studio et Kelly! 

 Pedro (semi-converted iconoclast)