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Virtual Online Kelly’s signature Classes

To sign up

  1. Sign into our VIRTUAL class with your Corpus studios APP on our website your phone or tablet
  2. You will receive a link by email 30 min prior to class,
  3. Follow the steps indicated after clicking on the link
  4. Sign in as soon as you receive the link. 
  5. To sign in  please write your name in the chat box. The class can then start on time.
  6. Position your device where it shows you clearly, I can then see you and correct you (if you want to be seen), be certain your visual is in a place where your head does not need to constantly twist and turn, and use the biggest screen possible. The best way is to cast /mirror your device to a tv.
  7. Turn audio on or wear wireless earphones. Check your audio in advance, the most important is to hear instructions clearly.
  8. Be sure you have a safe space of 2 meters by 2 meters, with no obstacles
  9. Classes are displayed on the website schedule and Corpus application, once signed in you will receive a link 30 minutes before the class starts.

Alternatively you can also subscribe for 9,99 € / month to our Kelly’s signature video’s on VIMEO : Corpus studios™ON DEMAND.

Our videos offer you the benefits of self practice from experienced top of the industry instructors. Variable workouts for office, home studio, beach, pool and more. Available on all devices. Both short and long programs for strength, stretch and rehabilitation. Videos added regularly.Some of our VIRTUAL classes are recorded and added on

The Pilates mat videos are part of the Corpus Pilates™Teacher Training program.