Pelvic Stabilization

Short exercises to do at home, at work or anywhere you want to stabilize the pelvis

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Summer elastic exercise video

Summer exercise video to avoid pains due to pinching of the ligaments and improve shoulder mobility.

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Video Transcript:

Hello everyone Kelly McKinnon here with a Summer exercise video as promised to strengthen your shoulders so that you can enjoy all your sports this summer.We’re going to look at this area which is the shoulder and we’re going to look at the joints of the shoulder .We have a sternal clavicular joint here we have another one chromeal clavicular joint we have here this the glenoid humeral joint and we have another sliding joint back here between the scapula and the ribs.So what we’re going to try and do is we’re going to try to eliminate some of this pinching that we get when tissues and tendons muscles ligaments when they start to come through this area and sometimes we pinch should we get a pinching we also have tissues that come up here and we get a pinching sometimes this part of the shoulder gets stuck when we lift the arm but this part doesn’t continue to move. So what we’re going to try and do is get the whole area a little bit more mobile a little bit more strong so that you can enjoy all your summer sports better I’m going to show you a series of a elastic exercises and let’s get going Hi everybody, okay let’s look at our elastics so this is not too hard I’ve got a few different elastics this is the red one I also have the gray one here a little bit harder and I’ve chosen to use a lighter one I’m just going to wrap it around my hand I’m going to hold on to the other one and the objective here is actually take both. The objective here is to move very small my arm to the side so all as I’m trying to do is go like this I don’t want my hand to come forward so I’m just going to stabilize my other arm look straight forward and I’m going to do a really small movement. You see how big it is and I do it slowly I pull stay I return stay pull stay return stay and make sure my abdominals are up whole stay return stay whole stay return so I do that about five times then I’m going to take the other one in my hand I might come a little closer make sure my elbow is in line and I’m going to gain whole and return whole and return Paul and we turn now when am I going to breathe you make a choice but you keep it consistent I’m going to go and return and return good so that’s just moving very small side to side you always have to be sure that whatever you do you have control of the movement you could also do this seated I’m going to hold on to my elastic here and now I’m going to hold this as a pivot point I’m going to hold on to the other side and I’m going to open my arm just small and I bring it back I open my arm small and I bring it back I want to be sure that this is not moving away from my body it’s just nice and easy I pivot and I return pivot and return keeping strong in those abdominals pivot and return then I’m going to go back to do the other side pretty well the same movement you’re going to hold this however it’s comfortable I always want to make sure my wrist is straight I’m not working like this but a nice strong straight wrist and then I’m gonna pull across my body I pull across and open I move a little bit further away so I start from an open point I pull it as far as I can and I return pull and return so this is staying pretty stable this is my pivot axis right here and I return we’ll do one more time pull and return so those are four exercises really two exercises just doing alternating sides so to repeat I take one I go across five times then I do the other side I go across five times then I do one with the pivot and they open five times and then I change and I do the other side and I cross five times very important you always keep your abdominals lifted and a smile on your face look now at the muscles behind between the shoulder blades and behind these are the muscles that are going to help to bring us upright okay so we’re gonna take our last stick you have a nice kind of bent knee position very upright body strong in those abdominals then what I’m going to do notice how my hands they’re going to turn up I’m gonna rotate them up and then I’m gonna pull them back I reach them forward I rotate and pull okay so I’m going to start I rotate and pull and I return inhale and pull notice how my elbows are behind my back exhale pull exhale nice and slow Paul exhale one more time exhale with all the elastic work here I did five five five five here I could do five to ten I would take a break and then I’d repeat it and do another set and maybe even take a break and do a third time so you could do anywhere from two to three sets repetitions between five and ten so try to do this maybe two to three times a week and I’m sure you’re going to feel a lot better and a lot stronger be sure to always keep your abdominals lifted and a good starting position and breathe into it. Thank you very much enjoy your Summer exercise video

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